Partners in P.E. are on the move!

Taylor High School's Partners P.E. Program is on the go! General education students and life skill students buddy up to play in a variety of sports such as basketball, bowling, volleyball, and badmington - to name a few. The program strives to integrate students with developmental and physical disabilities into physical education programs. 
Taylor High School's Partners P.E. Program continues to find creative ways to keep students active this year, while adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols. Coach Kate Kennedy, who sponsors the program, says students are spending time outside, engaging in scavenger hunts, creating art with sidewalk chalk, playing underhand toss, and a variety of other engaging outdoor activities. This is the program's second year and has proven successful for all students involved. Coach Kennedy says the students are doing a phenomenal job developing the knowledge and skills that promote wellness, sports training, and recreation activities for students of all abilities.